Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:52PM
Ian Benjamin Kenny

2x52 Min Series / Format: HD
Funders: BCI, RTÉ
Presenter – Diarmuid Gavin.

Who are the Irish and where did they come from? What blood flows in their veins?

The archaeological evidence currently shows that the first human settlement in Ireland was 9,000 years ago, but where did these people come from and are there traces of them still in us today? Going beyond traditional genealogy which can only take us back few hundred years, this series explores the genetic history of Irish going back into our distant past. Using groundbreaking studies from Trinity College Dublin and around the world as well as new research conducted especially for this programme, we follow the remarkable story of modern man who left Africa and the particular strands of humankind which ended up in Ireland. Journeying from Kenyan plains through Ice Age Europe and the remarkable cave art of Northern Spain, we explore the survival, adaptation and tenacity of our ancestors.

What particular genetic traits are Irish? Who are the Irish genetically closest to? Where else does Irish blood flow beyond the shores of this island? 'Blood of the Irish' explores all we want to know about the Irish people and the story of the human colonisation of this island.

Winner Best Documentary Series, Irish Film & Television Awards 2010


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