Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:59PM
Ian Benjamin Kenny

2x52 Min / Format: HD
Funders: RTÉ

Multi award winning filmmaker Kim Bartley follows Ireland’s best known news
correspondent Charlie Bird behind the scenes through an extraordinary year in American
and Global Politics

January 2009 and the US heads towards its most important presidential inauguration since the 1930’s. Possibly its most important inauguration ever. Against a back drop of economic turmoil, an un-popular war in Iraq and huge uncertainty in the minds of most Americans, Barack Obama faces unprecedented problems. America is at a cross-roads. Rarely in its history has so much been at stake; rarely has so much been riding on the out-come of one election.

This series follows Charlie Bird as he begins his new life in Washington with little time to settle in before the inauguration. Even for an experienced journalist like Charlie, this will be an extraordinary year. He is in at the deep end as Charlie knows this is an assignment more suited to a young reporter keen to make his mark, than a veteran in the closing years of his career. And he’s nervous about it. With unprecedented access to his life in the USA the series follows the ups and downs, frustrations and triumphs as Charlie doggedly pursues his mission across the continent.

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