Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:54PM
Ian Benjamin Kenny

Today is a good day to come of age. Today is better than two tomorrows.
1x80 Min Feature Documentary / Format: DV
Funders: Irish Film Board, CTL Films

A tale of innocence and experience set in contemporary Laos

Directed by Anna Rodgers, ‘Today is better than two tomorrows’ is a mindful observational film set in Laos, which takes us into the heart of a unique but fading culture, and brings us on a journey in a mysterious country slowly opening to the western world. In a remote and forgotten land, two boys must leave their village to undergo a rite of passage. One will go to school; the other will become a monk. Somewhere between Buddhist wishlessness and western dreams their paths will join again.

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, 2009
Vancouver International Film Festival, 2009
Byron Bay International Film Festival, 2009
Canberra International Film Festival, 2009
Guth Gafa, 2009
Ireland on Sunday: Irish Film Institute, 2009
Thin Line Film Festival, 2010
Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, 2010
Swansea Bay Film Festival, 2010
East End Film Festival, 2010                                                                                                                    

Full Frame Film Festival, 2010
Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2010
Cine Sparks, Australian Film Festival for Young People, 2010
European Spiritual Film Festival, 2010

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