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1x52Min Documentary / Format: HD
Funders: RTÉ

In July 2006, an ancient manuscript was recovered from a bog in the midlands of Ireland. After 1200 years submerged, this miracle of archaeological survival is the first early Irish manuscript to come to light in over 200 years.

In this film, the discovery and investigation of this ancient manuscript headlined by The New York Times as ‘Ireland’s Dead Sea Scrolls’ brings viewers on a journey into the world of Ireland’s early Christian monks and how they kept the fires of Christianity burning on the outer limits of the known world when much of Europe languished in the Dark Ages.

The film explores how these monks not only produced some of the greatest works of art in history such as the Book of Kells, but how they also preserved some of the most important texts ever written - books in danger of being lost forever with the sacking of Europe’s most important libraries.