Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:14PM
Ian Benjamin Kenny

2x52 Min Series / Format: Digibeta / TG4 Version

Funders: TG4, National Geographic International, Irish Film Board, MEDIA

Dermot Somers, travelling by reindeer sled with a family of nomads, heads deep into Northern Siberia on the greatest traditional journey left on earth.

Every year, an irrepressible bunch of Siberian natives, the Nenets, travel by reindeer from their winter forest homes, 800 kms north to the Arctic Ocean and back. The journey is the last of its kind. Possessing the most intact culture left in the Arctic, the Nenets live in tents of reindeer skin, eat raw reindeer meat and travel on handmade wooden sleds.

Awards: Winner - Spirit of the Festival Award Winner Celtic Film Festival 2003
Finalist – Banff Mountain Film Festival

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